Beyond Good & Evil 2 Prototype Video Now Online

UPDATE: Well, it appears Ubisoft has gotten the jump on that Beyond Good & Evil 2 announcement, as [...]

UPDATE: Well, it appears Ubisoft has gotten the jump on that Beyond Good & Evil 2 announcement, as the video is available NOW. You can watch the whole 14-minute tech demo above, and be amazed!

Last week's Electronic Entertainment Expo was filled with surprises, but one of the few that truly blew us away was seeing a new trailer for Michel Ancel's long-in-the-works sequel Beyond Good & Evil 2. And even though we don't have a release date – or even confirmed platforms for the sequel – it leaves us with a greater hope that we'll finally see it surface someday.

For that matter, Ancel decided to show off a bit of the game's past before working more into its future, as he recently took to Instagram to announce that a prototype video for the game will be available for viewing starting tomorrow – more than likely on his same channel, though it could also end up on the Ubisoft YouTube channel as well, considering the popularity of the game.

There's a good chance that this video presentation will be the same one that was shown at the E3 event this past week to a lucky few, showing the work-in-progress that led up to the trailer that made its reveal during Ubisoft's press conference. Even though it's made a ton of progress since that point, it'll still be interesting to see where it comes from origins-wise, as the graphics engine the game uses is reportedly one of the most extensive ever put together for an Ubisoft game. And considering its line-up of hit titles over the past few years, that's really saying something.

We've only seen a couple of videos from Beyond Good & Evil 2 before last week's E3 reveal trailer, including a 2008 teaser – that's right, nine years ago – as well as a potential gameplay video that ended up being not-so-official. Could tomorrow's prototype unveiling have some possible ties with either of these videos? You can check them out below.

Whatever the case with Beyond Good & Evil 2, it's still well in the works, and Ancel will release it under Ubisoft when it's good and ready to go. We're certainly excited, especially considering we won't have to wait another nine years for it to finally arrive…maybe.

We'll let you know what Beyond Good & Evil 2 news surfaces from tomorrow's video debut.