Binding of Isaac Card Game Kickstarter Already Earned Over $1 Million

The Binding of Isaac Four Souls

The Kickstarter project for the new Binding of Isaac card game has already crushed its goal by receiving more than $1.1 million since it launched in late June.

From game creator Edmund McMillen of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac fame, The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls is a multiplayer card game that just went live on Kickstarter on June 27. With an initial goal set of raising $50,000, the project has now blown past that with the total amount pledged being $1,141,363 at the time this is written. It took just over a week to reach the goal, and those who backed the game are getting a special collectible to commemorate the milestone.

The amount that the game's earned keeps climbing as well. It's already gone up again, so to keep up with it would require constant updates, but rest assured that it's growing every few minutes. With over 16,000 backers contributing, the amount raised is likely going to grow even more since the project still has over two weeks left on Kickstarter as more goals are reached.

It didn't take anywhere near a week to fund the whole project either. In fact, it didn't even take one day to get the work done. Shortly after the project went live on June 27, an update that was posted the same day said that the project had been 100 percent funded in just an hour and a half.

"Ok we hit the goal in an hour 15ish min. Holy shit... so I had some stretch goals done and I'll try and get the first wave up but I didn't expect this so, I gotta sleep and all that but check the page and there should be some stretch goal unlocks soon," the first post-launch announcement said.


The announcements keep coming as well with the most recent one letting backers and would-be backers know that the "double trap" tier of the card game is now available with twice the card game components included. More on that can be read through Tuesday's announcement.