Blizzard Still Open To the Idea of ‘Overwatch’ On Nintendo Switch

With the recent release of Diablo III: Eternal Collection for the platform, Blizzard has proven [...]

With the recent release of Diablo III: Eternal Collection for the platform, Blizzard has proven that it can truly make its games shine on the Nintendo Switch. And that leaves some people wondering...what's next?


Well, the first suggestion that comes up from a lot of folks is Overwatch. But porting the game to the Switch would be no easy feat, considering its need for an online connection and its fast-moving action. But it seems that, even after mentioning that it's "feasible" earlier in the year, the publisher may still be open to the idea of a port.

Eurogamer recently had the chance to speak with Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan about the possibility of Overwatch on the Switch during BlizzCon, and while he didn't firmly commit to the port being made, he did say that the idea is there -- and it's still quite alluring.

"Our philosophy has always been we want as many players playing Overwatch as possible, and we want to reach as many possible Overwatch players as are out there. We will always explore a platform if we think we could make it viable – both the technology and the business relationship. We would love to do it."

That said, he did reiterate that nothing is official, but the company is "very open-minded" about the idea of possibly introducing it. And we'll certainly take that any day that we can get it.

Overwatch has continued to be immensely popular nearly two and a half years after its introduction. The Legendary Edition that made its way to market is still doing quite well; and the introduction of new content, like the addition of the gun-toting Ashe as its latest Hero, indicates that the company is far from done with the game. And let's not forget that the next season of Overwatch League is almost upon us, set to kick off within a few weeks.

So, yeah, we could see Overwatch in the future for Switch. And it makes you wonder if, by that point, Blizzard may have the cross-platform thing figured out. Talk about taking your level of competition up several notches. The question is which platform we'd probably prefer the most.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.