Blizzard Reveals New BlizzConline Schedule Details

In lieu of an in-person event, Blizzard will be holding BlizzConline later this month, and now fans have a better idea of the show's overall schedule. The entire thing will be free to watch on the BlizzCon website, or on streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch. The festivities are set to begin February 19th at 2 p.m. PST with a focus on new game content coming from the publisher. Following that, there will be six different channels on the BlizzCon website that viewers can select from, so they can focus on the games that specifically interest them, or they can choose to follow everything!

The following day's events will start at 12 p.m. PST. Once again, viewers will be able to select from multiple channels to curate their experience, prior to the day's wrap-up. That day will see a focus on the fan community. The winners for the Community Showcase will be revealed, as well as "outstanding entries."

On both days, fans can expect to see developer interviews and esports content featuring professional players. Blizzard seems to be keeping a lot of specific information under wraps at the moment. The show will feature an update regarding Overwatch 2, but little else has been revealed. With BlizzConline set to kick-off in just a few short weeks, it seems likely that fans will be able to find out more very soon.

All in all, it sounds like fans of Blizzard will have quite a bit to look forward to! The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a number of canceled industry events over the last year, though some organizers have switched to a digital format in order to keep fans engaged and up-to-date. While digital events have been a learning curve for those organizers, BlizzCon has always offered a significant online presence. As a result, BlizzConline's organizers should have a much easier time adapting to the format, and those that have participated in the digital version of BlizzCon should have an idea of what to expect. It will be interesting to see how the event is handled!


BlizzConline will be held February 19th and 20th. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the event right here.

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