Borderlands 3 Update Buffs and Nerfs 3 Vault Hunters

Borderlands 3 entered the weekend with another hotfix to address some parts of the game’s main [...]

Borderlands 3 entered the weekend with another hotfix to address some parts of the game's main characters that were either too weak or too strong. Unlike the previous patch which brought bugfixes and performance improvements, this one is largely focused on weapons and the characters who use them. Zane, Amara, and FL4K were all affected by this hotfix with their various skills either buffed or nerfed depending on the character while Moze was left untouched for now.

Zane gets the best treatment in the update while FL4K gets the worse, but the changes still aren't even that bad for the Beast Master to make someone consider switching off of them. The patch notes for this hotfix said that some of the characters would be adjusted while Zane himself received more of an upgrade to his drone for the Operative to play around with.

"These adjustments are intended to even the playing field and increase build diversity for all Vault Hunters," the notes for the update explained. "Speaking of build diversity, Zane has received a gadget upgrade and we're excited to see players create more unique builds with him!"

All of the changes now released for the three Vault Hunters can be found below:


  • Digi-Clone Damage Increased by 38%
  • Drone Damage increased by 50%
    • Cryo Bullets damage penalty removed
    • Drone Rocket damage increased by 50%
    • Almighty Ordnance Rockets damage increased by 75%


  • Guardian Angel health restoration reduced from 100% to 50%
  • Glamour damage penalty reduced from -30% to -10%


  • Guerillas in the Mist duration reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds
  • Guerillas in the Mist Critical Damage Bonus reduced from 50% to 25%

If those buffs seemed like a lot for Zane, the developers had an explanation for why the changes went through.

"Zane's gadgets were great at providing additional utility but lacked impact as players leveled up," the patch notes explained. "We increased the Digi-Clone damage with all equipped weapon so the skill can scale better with players as they get to higher levels and harder content. The Drone requires a lot of player involvement to take full advantage of its damage output and increasing the base damage as well as the augments will greatly increase the Drone's versatility and reward players even more for using it effectively."

Borderlands 3's latest hotfix is now out for all platforms.