Borderlands 3 Update Will Raise Level Cap Again This Week

Borderlands 3 players already have a new DLC to look forward to this week, but it appears even more is coming to the game now that Gearbox and 2K announced another update that’ll raise the level cap once again. The level cap increase comes on March 26th, the same day as the Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock DLC. It’s the perfect time for such an update to release since it means players can journey into the DLC with room to grow, and if you can’t get to the DLC right away, you’ll have the option to earn more in-game loot for yourself while watching others play through it on Twitch.

Gearbox announced its plans for the next level cap increase and more during the latest episode of The Borderlands Show which has been a source of insights into Borderlands 3 plans in the past. The current level cap is 53, but once the update drops on Thursday, the level cap will be raised to 57. It takes players a long time to level up once they reach the max level anyway, so hitting the new level cap throughout the next DLC might not be as easy a task as some players expect it to be. Gearbox added that by increasing this level cap, players will be able to gain a total of four skill points and can use two different capstone abilities at once.

“The extra skill points you’ll get from gaining these four additional levels will let you unlock two capstone skills, which should see a huge surge of power for endgame players and unlock all kinds of new build possibilities,” Gearbox said about the changes.


This level cap increase will be joined by another event centered around the game’s ECHOcast Twitch extension. The extension allows players to interact with streamers by either helping or hindering them in their games, and there’s a new “Moxxtail” event happening soon to build on that.

Gearbox’s next DLC and all the other updates that accompany it are scheduled to go live on March 26th, so look for all the content to drop on that day. More content has been laid out beyond that in the game’s roadmap which can be seen here.