Borderlands, WWE 2K20, and More 2K Social Media Accounts Hacked

One of the most common aspects of support for video games includes dedicated social media pages [...]

One of the most common aspects of support for video games includes dedicated social media pages across a variety of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more for games as they release and then, ultimately, franchises as they develop staying power. This means that everything from Civilization to Borderlands has a number of official pages out in the wild that need to be managed and maintained. Unfortunately, this also means there's a number of different vectors of attack for bad actors, and that appears to have been exploited last night when a variety of social media pages under the 2K publishing umbrella were hacked.

While this was going on last night, the pages for games and franchises like Borderlands, Civilization, WWE 2K20, and more reportedly posted a number of offensive messages across Twitter and Facebook. The WWE 2K20 Facebook page also apparently changed its logo and header image to support AEW Wrestling, a rival company, during the hack. Now, at this point, whatever it was is over, and whomever did it no longer has control of these pages. 2K has since apologized across a number of different pages with the following statement:

"Social media accounts across the 2K label were compromised early Friday evening. Unfortunately, offensive material was posted that does not reflect the values of 2K or our partners. We condemn these posts and apologize to everyone offended by the content."

What do you think of the social media accounts being compromised, and the following apology? Do you think this is in response to something like WWE 2K20's buggy release, or is just something that happened because it could? Let us know in the comments, or hit me up directly on Twitter at @rollinbishop to talk all things gaming!

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