God Of War: Here Is What WWE's Triple H Could Look Like As Kratos

Triple H

So, the other day, we ran a story talking about how a photo of Paul “Triple H” Levesque from WWE and former co-tag team champion Nicolas (from this past Sunday’s WrestleMania event – he paired up with Braun Strowman to win the titles) reminded us of Kratos and his young charge Atreus from the forthcoming PlayStation 4 game God of War. A lot of people thought we were on to something with the suggestion – and an artist by the name of Bosslogic has actually done something about it.

The popular Instagram star recently provided a post where he managed to rework some God of War artwork to make Kratos in the build of Triple H. And, holy crap, it’s pretty damn close. Sure, the hair might be a little grown out, and maybe Triple H’s real life beard may not quite be that long, but everything else…seriously, he could pull off a Kratos look if he damn well wanted to.

You can see the rendering below, straight from BossLogic's Instagram page.

“Did a little quick rework of my #Kratos piece now featuring @tripleh #GodofWar #GodofRaw,” Bosslogic noted. And, as you can see, the feedback has piled up, with over 29,000 likes and plenty of comments. For instance, nogar007 noted, “This is so perfect! Another boss edit,” while wyse_khid said, “daaaamn it really fits him.”

And it does. In fact, maybe Triple H might be on to something. He could easily dress up as Kratos for his match later this month during the Greatest Royal Rumble, which is set to air on WWE Network on Saudi Arabia on April 27. There, he’ll face off against popular superstar John Cena – and he would certainly intimidate his opponent by doing a little Kratos dress-up. He could even call himself the “God of Raw” if he wanted, as that hashtag seems to fit him well.


Granted, Nicolas probably wouldn’t be with him, but, hey, who are we to argue that Triple H could pull off a damn good Kratos?

If you want to play with the real Kratos, God of War drops on April 20 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Be sure to check out our review to see how it fares!