Brie Larson Weighs In on Nintendo, Mario, and Zelda In New Hot Ones Episode

While Brie Larson is known as a big fan of the Animal Crossing franchise, the star of Captain Marvel loves all things Nintendo. On an episode of Hot Ones, the actress was asked about an earlier quote regarding Super Mario 3D World, where she called the game "one of the greatest achievements in Nintendo history." Larson elaborated on the quote, and she seemed to wax nostalgically about the 2013 Wii U exclusive. Of course, Larson was quick to point out that the quote is a bit older, and at this point, the game may have been dethroned by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch.

In addition to her to her high praise for 3D World and Breath of the Wild, Larson also dropped references to Paper Mario and Pokemon during the video. In Hot Ones, guests are asked questions while eating various kinds of chicken wings in increasingly hotter sauces. At one point, Larson compared the experience to what she imagines "it feels like to change form as a Pokemon." Despite this, she seemed to handle the heat quite well!

Super Mario 3D World is one of several Mario games rumored to arrive on Nintendo Switch at some point later this year. The title is an isometric platformer that allows up to four players to participate in nearly all of the game's levels. While 3D World encourages players to work together, each stage also ranks players based on their performance. As a result, the game can be far more competitive than the average Mario platformer!

It will be interesting to see if Super Mario 3D World does end up on Nintendo Switch. While the game received heavy praise at launch, the Wii U console wasn't a very strong seller for Nintendo when compared to Switch. As of March, 3D World sold nearly a third of the number of copies of Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch. While Larson seems to appreciate the former, perhaps a larger audience might finally have the opportunity to see what the fuss is about.


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