Bully Voice Actor Comments on Bully 2 Rumors

Bully voice actor Gerry Rosenthal has commented on the semi-recent Bully 2 rumors, reaffirming [...]

Bully voice actor Gerry Rosenthal has commented on the semi-recent Bully 2 rumors, reaffirming that if Rockstar Games is making a sequel, he hasn't been contacted and he doesn't know anything about it. In 2019, out of nowhere, Bully 2 rumors and leaks started appearing like mad, leading many to think Rockstar Games was finally at work on a sequel to the 2006 title. However, since, the turn of the year these rumors and leaks have started to die out, suggesting there may have been nothing to them, or at least a bulk of them.

That said, while the rumors aren't flooding the Internet like they were last year, there's at least one person who can't escape them, and that's Gerry Rosenthal, the talented voice actor behind the first game's protagonist, Jimmy Hopkins. According to Rosenthal, he has not been approached for a sequel, and at the moment, has no knowledge of a sequel, or at least he hasn't as of July.

Back in July, during an episode of the Awfully Irish podcast, Rosenthal made the aforementioned reaffirmation. Of course, at this point, these comments are several months old, however, they've completely flown under the radar, evident by the podcast's 183 views.

Not only does Rosenthal confirm he's heard nothing about a follow-up to Bully, but he dismissed claims that he's simply saying this because he's signed an NDA. In other words, if Bully 2 is truly in development, either Rockstar Games has recast Jimmy Hopkins or Jimmy Hopkins isn't in the game.

Elsewhere during the episode, Rosenthal revealed that he always imagined Rockstar Games would make a sequel, noting he thought a sequel would follow the life of Hopkins in college, where he would fight with fraternities, townies, the dean, and more. Of course, this is the sequel many envisioned for the series, but at this point, it looks like a sequel Rockstar Games will never make. All signs point to Grand Theft Auto VI being its next game and the team becoming a two-game studio. If this is the case, it's hard to imagine a future where Bully 2 is made, at least by Rockstar Games.