Bum Simulator Game Leaves People Divided

A game called Bum Simulator that isn't even out yet is getting mixed responses for its portrayal of homeless people.

Developed by Ragged Games and published by PlayWay S.A., Bum Simulator lets players do exactly what the name suggests by giving them control of a homeless person in a sprawling urban environment. You can collect can and other resources to make some money, set up your living arrangements, and uncover the secrets of the city, according to the Steam description and the trailer above.

"Dirty alleys, city streets, pawn shops, central park, subway and rat infested sewers. You can go wherever you want and whenever you like. Enjoy the open, crazy, urban sandbox. There are many secrets to uncover and achievements to unlock. Each location houses interesting characters with personal story lines and quests. There's no place for boredom in bum's life!"

The trailer and game also contain many stereotypes and stigmas of being a homeless person as well, and that's where people have differing opinions. Bum Simulator's short trailer that was published in May shows the protagonist getting drunk, panhandling for money, fighting other homeless people, evading police, and stealing from a pawn store. Efforts are also made to throw some memes in there with the trailer showing both the infamous "dickbutt" drawing alongside a homeless variation of the Ugandan Knuckles meme, both drawn on cardboard signs while asking for money. A list of features shared on the game's Steam page hint at more activities like taming pigeons and traversing the sewers.

  • Discover your inner bum powers
  • Tame the infamous city pigeons
  • Solve the mystery of sewer rat people
  • Learn the secrets of Alcohol Alchemy
  • ...and much more!

Like any game that contains controversial features such as these, there's grown a divide between players who either can't wait for it to come out on October 5 or can't believe that a game like this was ever even considered, let along developed.

Bum Simulator isn't due out until October, so there aren't any review or first impressions on the Steam page.