Burn Bryte, an Original Roll20 RPG, Launches on July 20th

and players will roll that skill's assigned die when making a skill roll. However, Burn Bryte is [...]

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(Photo: Roll20)

Roll20 has announced the launch date for Burn Bryte, a brand new RPG made exclusively for the virtual tabletop service. The new "science-fantasy" RPG is set in the Olaxis galaxy, the last galaxy in the universe, which is slowly being consumed by a strange bright orange phenomenon known as the Burn. As the entire universe solely contracts, the residents of Olaxis fight over precious resources and planets at the heart of the galaxy as greedy corporations exploit the situation for profits. However, the players take on the roll of characters who fight back against the corruption and terror that makes an already dangerous and untenable situation even worse. Burn Bryte is designed by James Introcaso, a veteran RPG designer who has worked on multiple Dungeons & Dragons adventures.

Per Introcaso's WorldBuilder blog, Burn Bryte is a skill-based system built around 18 different skills ranging from Computers to Empathy. Each skill is assigned a different size die (ranging from a d4 to d12) and players will roll that skill's assigned die when making a skill roll. However, Burn Bryte is built around the assumption that players are competent heroes, so players roll to see if they fail on a skill rather than succeed. Every skill roll has a complexity assigned to it that ranges from 2 to 7. Players roll a number of dice based on the complexity of what they're trying to do and they only fail if they "roll doubles" by rolling the same number twice or more. So - if an Athletics check has a complexity of 3, and a player's Athletics dice is a d8, they roll 3d8 and succeed unless two or more of the dice show the same number.

Burn Bryte is unique in that it was designed with the Roll20 virtual tabletop service in mind, giving players the ability to roll tons of dice instantly, build customizable characters within Roll 20, and do everything from track resources to customize spaceships as a party. Burn Bryte will also come with built-in digital safety tools that offer 100% anonymity.

Burn Bryte will be available on July 7th. The RPG's Core Rulebook will sell on Roll20 for $29.99, and a starter adventure with pregenerated characters will be available for $9.99.