Lightyear Gets Reimagined as a PS1 Game in New Video

Lightyear has been reimagined as a PS1 game thanks to a new fan-made video. Lightyear is a new Toy Story spin-off centered around Buzz Lightyear, but it's not based on the toy voiced by Tim Allen. It's based on the movie that a young Andy saw that made him fall in love with Buzz Lightyear and inspired him to buy the figure seen in the Toy Story film. Essentially, Disney is releasing the movie that Andy saw as a little boy in the 90s. However, one fan took it upon themselves to up the immersion to another level. In the 90s, video game adaptations of movies, including the Toy Story films, were a major deal. Sadly, Disney didn't make a new Buzz Lightyear game for this film, but someone imagined what one would look like.

YouTuber Hoolopee made a PlayStation 1 "demake" of the Lightyear trailer to celebrate the release of the new film. Aside from being an incredibly solid shot for shot recreation, there's fun little details such as the fact Buzz always has his purple head covering on, even in scenes where he is wearing his civilian clothing in the film. The video also ends by telling viewers they can pick up the hypothetical game at Al's Toy Barn, a toy store within the Toy Story universe that was prominently featured in the second film. It even shows Rex looking at the game in the store, a likely call back to when Rex played a Buzz Lightyear video game at the start of Toy Story 2. Hoolopee also noted that the video was mostly hand animated and is their first attempt at a demake for something that isn't related to a video game. You can find similar content to this over on Hoolopee's Twitter and their Patreon page.

Lightyear is currently showing in theaters and although it has been received well by critics, the film is struggling to perform well at the box office in its opening weekend. Whether audiences are burnt out on Toy Story or would just rather wait at home to see it on Disney+ is unclear, but those who have seen it seem to be loving it. ComicBook's Charlie Ridgley gave Lightyear a 5/5 in his review and praised it for how it doesn't lean on its Toy Story roots too heavily and creates a solid original story.

Lightyear is in theaters now. Would you play a new Buzz Lightyear game? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.