Call of Duty 2021 Report Details Release Window, Reveal Plans, and Platforms

With all the gaming events taking place this summer amid E3 2021 and other plans, it’s natural Call of Duty fans might expect something to come soon that’s related to the next main game in the franchise. However, according to a recent report about the new game that’s supposedly called “Call of Duty: Vanguard,” it sounds like it’s best to not get hopes up just yet. The reveal of the next Call of Duty game will reportedly not happen during the E3 2021 event this week but will instead be revealed during an in-game Call of Duty: Warzone event before the new game itself releases in November.

News of the supposed plans for the new Call of Duty game’s reveal and more came from VGC which cited unnamed sources with the information. The outlet said it understands the new Call of Duty game will skip this year’s E3 presentation, and while other summer events like Summer Game Fest could be viable options for a reveal, it’s expected that Activision will wait until later to unveil the game. VGC said the reveal of the game will likely come from a Warzone event just like we saw from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, though that hasn’t yet been confirmed.

As for when that reveal might happen, we have a window of time bookended by the game’s release timeframe to predict when the reveal will take place. VGC said the game is supposed to release in November, so if the reveal isn’t happening within these summer events coming up during the next week or so, that leaves roughly July to September to unveil the game. It’ll expectedly come sooner rather than later during that window so that people can be primed for the release, but when, exactly, the reveal will happen isn’t known.

Other details about the next Call of Duty game were also discussed. It’s supposed to have a campaign once more like Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare did, so it appears Activision is back on the campaign trend again. Along with that campaign will be a multiplayer component, of course, with the series’ signature Zombies mode returning, too. The game’s supposed to take place amid a World War II setting with Sledgehammer Games set to develop it.

Beyond the game’s supposed in-game reveal via Warzone, the new Call of Duty title will play an even bigger role in Call of Duty’s battle royale experience. It’ll be integrated with Warzone just like Black Ops Cold War was after Modern Warfare, according to the same report, with a new map and more coming to Warzone.