Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout Maps Are Changing in Operation Apocalypse Z

If you jump into one of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s two Blackout maps in the next few days, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Halloween has come early to the battle royale mode. Blackout has two maps now, the first of which is the traditional, unnamed map while the second is Alcatraz, and both of them are going to be taking on a much more ominous vibe for the next Operation. The changes are part of Operation Apocalypse Z, and players will see them first on the PlayStation 4 when the Operation rolls out on the PlayStation 4 first.

This entire Operation revolves around both the Zombies game mode and the actual undead themselves that are already in Blackout as AI threats. These zombies have laid wasted to the main map, so Blackout players will notice that precautions have been taken against them such as windows being boarded up. The river the runs through parts of the map and most notably goes through Rivertown has been colored blood-red for the Operation as well.

Aside from the minor gameplay impact of boarded-up windows and the cosmetic tweak that is the red river, there are two different types of the main map that’ll be playable with features that more heavily impact gameplay. A foggy version will be playable in the normal playlists, and a special “Quads Fog” mode will give players much more of that view-obstructing weather condition. In each of these maps, there will be new Zombies-themed secrets and surprises to be found.

“Two variants of the Blackout main map will be available: one that updates the traditional playlists (Solos, Duos, Quads) with a light fog and unique Zombies-inspired theming including a familiar voice at the beginning of the match; and the second, a limited time playlist aptly named ‘Quads Fog,’ has similar environmental changes but with a much thicker and more foreboding haze,” a post detailing the contents of the update read.


Alcatraz’s changes also deal with how visible the map will be. The new take on the map is called “Alcatraz: Nightfall,” and as its name suggests, the lights are out in this map as night descends on the island. You’ll at least still have redeploys enabled in this game mode, so you’ll have a few chances to get used to the update without having to start a new match every time you die.

Black Ops 4’s next Operation goes live for the PlayStation 4 first on July 9th with other platforms getting the content later.