Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta Is "Quite an Upgrade" from Alpha

If you played or at least heard about the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War alpha test and are planning on playing the beta, one of the designers working on the game has some good news for you. Treyarch’s Tony Flame who shared updates on the game periodically over the course of the alpha and afterwards shared comments this week about the beta and said it’ll be “quite an upgrade” compared to the alpha. That beta is scheduled to start in just a couple of days on October 8th, so it won’t be long before players see for themselves just how much of an upgrade the beta is.

Flame tweeted about the changes made from the alpha to the beta this week and teased some of what’s to come on October 8th when the beta first kicks off. He commented that people may not realize what the team’s been able to do in the short window between the alpha’s end and the beta’s start date and that “everything has taken leaps forward.

Just in case there was any confusion about how the alpha to beta transition will be handled, Flame clarified in a follow-up comment that you’re good to get rid of your alpha if you had it downloaded on your PlayStation 4 to test the game previously. The beta isn’t available to pre-install just yet, but when it’s available, you’ll have to download that instead of the alpha to play.

During the time the alpha was available on the PlayStation 4, it became not only the most-downloaded Call of Duty alpha on the platform but also the most-downloaded Call of Duty beta. It’ll return to the PlayStation 4 again for the first weekend of the beta for those who pre-ordered the digital version of the game or got a code another way and will then be available in open beta for PlayStation 4 users a few days later. Next will come the pre-ordered players on the Xbox One and PC platform until the final few days of the beta will be open to everyone.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s beta starts on October 8th.