Call of Duty: Mobile Release Date Revealed

Call of Duty: Mobile, the first full version of a Call of Duty experience which can fit in the palm of your hand, now has a release date. The mobile game will be released for the Android and iOS families of devices on October 1st as a free-to-play title. You’ll find some of your favorite game modes including traditional ones like Team Deathmatch and newer takes on the shooter like a battle royale mode. The places where these battles will take place will also look familiar since Call of Duty: Mobile will pull from some of the most memorable maps throughout the series.

Activision and Tencent announced the release date of the mobile Call of Duty game on Wednesday and confirmed that it’d be out at the start of October. Content from both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series will be found in Call of Duty: Mobile as made evident by the trailer above that was shared alongside the release date. You’ll use scorestreaks like Predator Missiles, drones, and other weaponry while playing on maps players already know how to navigate.

Some of the maps specifically mentioned in a press release about the release date included Nuketown, Crash, and Hijacked, each of which are well known in the Call of Duty community. Some game modes that were mentioned included Team Deathmatch, Free-for-All, and Search and Destroy. Players will also be able to unlock characters from these various games like Soap and Alex Mason.

Towards the end of the trailer, you’ll notice a scene that looks exactly like the start of a battle royale match found in Black Ops 4. That’s because Call of Duty: Mobile will indeed have a battle royale mode that’ll support up to 100 players and will have the traditional solos, duos, and squads game modes. Vehicles like an ATV and helicopters will be used much like they are in Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode, but one interesting detail to note is that the weapons and gear players use will “span the series.” It’ll be interesting then to see what types of guns and other items make the cut into the battle royale mode.


Those interested will have to wait until the game is released on October 1st to download, but you can go ahead and pre-register now to get it as soon as it’s available. You can do that by visiting the game’s site. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases in the same month as the mobile game, so perhaps we’ll see some crossover opportunities dare.

Call of Duty: Mobile releases for Android and iOS devices on October 1st.