Call of Duty: Mobile Now Has a Zombies Mode

If you’ve been holding off on Call of Duty: Mobile until the highly requested Zombies mode was [...]

If you've been holding off on Call of Duty: Mobile until the highly requested Zombies mode was added, now's your time to hop back into the game. The mobile game's massive Season 2 update is now live to add the Zombies mode that'll allow up to four players to take part in Zombies experiences both new and traditional. Other features and changes were added in this update as well, but the Zombies mode is by far the most anticipated development.

Activision teased the release of the returning Call of Duty game mode in a post within the game's subreddit where it listed the times for the sizable update's release. Returning to that same forum with the patch notes, Activision detailed everything that was new in this update with the Zombies mode the headliner for the features.

Anyone who's played Zombies in another Call of Duty game mode will be pleased to hear that the wave-based Survival mode is once again playable. This classic mode allows teams to find unique weapons that have perks attached to them to help players survive. The debut Zombies map is Shi No Numa, one that'll look familiar to players who have experienced it before, but players can expect new maps to be added at some point.

Joining the Survival mode is a Raid game type. This way of playing Zombies has a boss fight at the end of either eight-round or 12-round games depending on which difficulty you're playing on. The patch notes for the game's Zombies update details how Raid works and what players should keep an eye out for.

Raid Mode

  • Traditional points-based system with wall buys for weapons and locked doors
  • Boarding windows and killing zombies are the two primary ways of earning points
  • Round based with an 8-round limit for Normal difficulty
  • Round based with a 12-round limit for Hardcore difficulty
  • On the 8/12th rounds all players are sent to fight for their lives against the Abomination (boss)
  • Earn new zombies exclusive loot each time you play (check in-game for specifics)
  • Explore above and below ground to find clues about the reason the lab was abandoned

Call of Duty: Mobile's big update is now live, and you can read the rest of the patch notes through the links above.