Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Seemingly Teasing Frank Woods

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone may be teasing a new Operator, and PS4, Xbox One, and PC players think it may be Frank Woods. There's currently a rumor that on July 4 the game will add yet another Operator to the mix. This hasn't been confirmed yet, but there are apparently files in the game that have lead some dataminers to believe that not only is a new Operator dropping soon, but that it will be Frank Woods.

Details on this are currently quite scarce, and of course, 100 percent unofficial, but it's believed the Woods Operator will be a premium Operator, meaning he will cost money. Meanwhile, the drop will be accompanied by a new menu cutscene that will presumably push us closer to the long-rumored, heavily-leaked Black Ops Cold War reveal event in Warzone. Again, none of this is official, but the dots are starting to be seemingly connected.

Meanwhile, a new Easter Egg makes reference to a prisoner, and it's unclear who else it could be but Woods at this point. Some have suggested it could be Price, and while this is possible, the aforementioned files suggest otherwise.

At this point, we are very much in speculation territory. Neither Infinity Ward nor Activision have commented on any of this, and it's very unlikely either will. That said, if we are to believe the numerous reports from multiple and reputable sources about Warzone being used to reveal Call of Duty 2020, then a bet that we will see Woods soon seems like a safe bet to me.


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