Call Of Duty Tournament Delayed After Bomb Threat, What Went Down

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Yesterday it was an intense day for Call of Duty tournament goers in Dallas, Texas as the event went from an enjoyable gaming experience to one that escalated quickly into worry. The Dallas Police Depart released new details showcasing a bomb threat that occurred at the convention center, and what that meant for all involved. Here's what happened.

It began with local TV voice Rebecca Lopez tweeting out about a bomb threat call that was made stating that the convention center would be "blown up in 30 minutes." Here is her full statement:

Immediately the Call of Duty tournament was halted until the situation was deemed safe. Both MLG and Vitality, which is one of the participating teams, released statements on the situation with the intent to resume the planned activities ... safely. Which they did, it didn't take long for the police to root out the threat - though some of the teammates found ... uh, interesting ways to pass the time. Dicks. They made dicks:


As of a little after 9:00 PM ET time of last night, the situation was cleared, though the tournament has been scheduled until a different day: December 9th at 10 AM CT. We know that maybe not everyone is a fan of Call of Duty, but a bomb threat is a little extreme - come on, guys! Luckily, the police did not find any actual explosives at the seen, making the resumed events safe once more and players ready to compete.