Call of Duty: Vanguard Update Fixes Crashes and Other Issues

The last Call of Duty: Vanguard update for January dropped just in time this week to close out the month and usher in February's content plans. With the release of the January 31st update, a number of different Vanguard issues were patched to resolve problems such as crashes that affected different modes as well as some platform-specific bugs. The update should now be available across all of the platforms Vanguard is available on.

Sledgehammer Games released the patch notes for the January 31st update this week to round out the month. The patch notes were added to the ever-updating list of patches on the studio's blog with only a couple of changes released in the January 31st update.

You won't find any major Multiplayer adjustments here like you would in patches prior, but you can see all of the issues resolved and other parts of the update detailed in the patch notes found below:



  • On Xbox, improvements have been made to reduce instances of crashing when loading into a match from Quick Play, Feature Playlists, and Private Matches

Bug Fixes

  • On Xbox, a bug was fixed that resulted in controller settings switching to Mouse and Keyboard after a controller disconnect
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the game sometimes crashing during the MVP voting sequence
  • Fixed an issue in which nameplates would occasionally not display on enemies


  • The achievement "Ticket Please" can now be unlocked
  • In Stalingrad, players will no longer get caught in a death loop if they take too long to get the sewer
  • Fixed a bug in Operation Tonga that would sometimes result in a freeze and crash when shooting an enemy in the field
  • Fixed a progression blocker in which Misha would become unresponsive

The updates for Vanguard have been released pretty regularly lately with at least one of them launching every week or so throughout the month of January. The beefier patches release roughly on a weekly schedule with more gameplay adjustments while the ones between those typically resolve issues like the ones listed above. That's not a guaranteed that future updates will follow the same schedule, but it's a positive sign for those looking forward to frequent updates.

Call of Duty: Vanguard's latest update is now available across all platforms.