New Call of Duty Leak Could Have Big Ramifications for Warzone and Vanguard

A new Call of Duty leak may have just made Activision and its studios look very silly. Back on October 12, the official Call of Duty Twitter account boldly teased and mocked cheaters, a day before revealing a new anti-cheat system dubbed Ricochet. A day after this grand reveal, Ricochet is reportedly already being broken through by hackers and cheaters, putting about a dozen of eggs on the face of Activision in the process

For now, it remains to be seen just how much the anti-cheat has been comprised, but reports from Charlie Intel and ModernWarzone are both claiming the same thing, and it's not good news for Call of Duty players.

"Call of Duty's new Ricochet anti-cheat has reportedly had some aspects leaked online in certain forums and certain individuals are trying to reverse engineer it," said Charlie Intel. "The anti-cheat, obviously, is not released yet, so those who try to reverse engineer it may also expose exploits in it that Activision can fix before it releases."

Unfortunately, right now, it's hard to know how worrying all of this is. As Charlie Intel notes, this could actually improve the anti-cheat system before it's released. Meanwhile, it's also possible this is a decoy leak meant to send cheat providers down the wrong path. This isn't incredibly uncommon, so it's possible. 

As always, we will be sure to keep you in the loop as the situation develops and as more information is provided. Right now, Activision and co. have not addressed the leak nor the implications surrounding it nor the speculation it has created.

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