Call of Duty 2023 Is "Semi-Futuristic" According to Leaker

While many Call of Duty fans might be more focused on the upcoming release of Vanguard later this fall, a reliable leaker has provided some of the first details in relation to the 2023 installment in the series. Even though this project is one that surely won't be revealed by Activision for years to come, it sounds as though the franchise will be headed back to a near-future setting before long. 

News of the 2023 Call of Duty game comes by way of Tom Henderson, who has been an accurate source of information in the past when it comes to the series. Henderson shared on social media that the Call of Duty title that is set to launch two years down the road will be developed by Treyarch once again. This makes sense given that next year's game will be made by Infinity Ward. In addition, Henderson also said that the game will be "semi-futuristic" but acknowledged that it would still feature "boots on the ground". Basically, this just means that the franchise shouldn't be going back to the era of wall-running that was seen in Infinite Warfare and Black Ops 3

Assuming that what Henderson has shared here is accurate, then it seems like we have a pretty good idea of how the Call of Duty series will be shaping up in the years to come. Obviously, Call of Duty: Vanguard is poised to launch later this fall and will mark the first return to World War II that the series has had since Call of Duty: WWII. Next year's game is then said to be a sequel to 2019's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and will once again be developed by Infinity Ward. If the 2023 game then goes back to a futuristic setting, then we should see the Call of Duty series visiting the past, present, and future over the coming three years, ensuring that there will be quite a bit of variety. 

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