Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Removes Two Major Field Upgrades

Raven Software, the team behind Call of Duty: Warzone 2, has confirmed that it has disabled two major field upgrades. Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is a game where you live and die, quite literally, by your gear. If you have a bad gun, you're going to probably get destroyed. If you don't have the right perks, it can slow you down or make you really vulnerable. Even things like UAVs, air strikes, and cluster strikes can turn a game's odds in your favor. Because of all of this, people have spent a long time building the perfect loadout and trying to figure out what the best gear is.

One of the most vital is Dead Silence, a field upgrade that temporarily silences your footsteps. In Warzone 2, footsteps are quite loud and are needed to know when someone is around you. If you use Dead Silence, it can allow you to sneak up or flank someone without them knowing. It's incredibly powerful and often essential. However, it seems that there's a problem with both Dead Silence and another field upgrade, Battle Rage. Raven Software has confirmed that it has disabled the two field upgrades while it investigates an issue involving the two items. It's unclear what this issue is or when it will be resolved, but if you're someone who relies on Dead Silence to stealth your way around the map, you may be at a disadvantage over the weekend depending on how long this takes to resolve.

This isn't a terribly uncommon issue in Call of Duty. A lot of things get removed, nerfed, buffed, and tweaked on a daily basis, so fans are used to having to abruptly adapt to these changes. Of course, the concern becomes whether or not Dead Silence is being nerfed since it's so valuable or if there's a bug or exploit tied to it that required it to be removed. Either way, the removal is temporary so fans don't have to suffer for long.


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