Call of Duty: Warzone Adding Blackout Gameplay Feature

Call of Duty: Warzone will soon introduce a new feature that'll look pretty familiar to those who played Blackout, the battle royale experience from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 which served as a predecessor to Warzone. Season Three in Warzone is adding perks to the in-game loot pool which means people will be able to bolster their loadouts even further by picking up one of eight different perks. Activision went over a list of those perks this week ahead of the start of Season Three and gave some insights into how players can acquire these perks.

The perks that'll be found in Warzone loot in Season Three are Battle Hardened, Engineer, High Alert, Restock, Tempered, Quick Fix, and Scavenger. The eighth perk is Pointman, but it's exclusive to Plunder, so you'll never see it if you stick to the core battle royale experience in Warzone.

Assuming there's a perk you pick up that you don't fully understand since it's not one you'd typically use, Activision said the in-game loadout menu will offer definitions of the perks to inform players of what they do. Given that these perks are considered "Legendary" as far as loot rarities go, Supply Boxes will be prime searching spots to quickly score a perk or two. For those who last a long time in Warzone and are smart about acquiring their loot, you may even be able to equip all seven or eight of these at once depending on what mode you're playing.

"While these Perks are valuable finds at any time in a Battle Royale, it also makes opening Supply Boxes once you have your preferred weapons and equipment more meaningful," Activision said about this new Warzone feature. "A player can equip all eight perks at once if found, but they cannot equip more than one of the same perk. If the same perk is found, be sure to ping a squadmate and share. "

In the beginning of the discussions about the loot changes, Activision noted that Raven Software looks to update the item pool each season. With this new perk loot feature now implemented, we'll likely see the lists of available ground loot perks in Warzone updated with the turn of each season from here on out.

Call of Duty: Warzone's next season of content begins on April 27th, so expect all the Classified Arms content to drop then.