Call of Duty: WWII Starts Community Challenge to Kill 2 Billion Zombies

Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies Double XP
(Photo: Sledgehammer Games)

Call of Duty: WWII players are banding together to mow down some undead on their quest to complete the community challenge of killing 2 billion zombies in June.

The Attack of the Undead community challenge that asks players to take down this huge number of zombies started just yesterday and will run until June 26. Spreading rewards throughout five different tiers in the challenge, players can earn Nazi Zombies Supply Drops, weapon camos, and more.

Killing zombies in the Nazi Zombies mode is obviously the easiest way to go about completing the challenge, but if you need a break from that or don't play Nazi Zombies often, you can also contribute to the goal through multiplayer. Kills earned in the popular party mode called Infected will also add to the total kill count, and the rewards for the challenge are mixed between multiplayer and Nazi Zombies to make sure everyone has something to look forward to.

"There are five Tiers full of rewards, and the community end goal is to get 2 billion Zombie kills across MP and Nazi Zombies!" Sledgehammer Games' post about the community challenge explained. "That means all your Zombie kills in Nazi Zombies and all your Zombie kills in MP will count towards the community total. Plus, not only are there MP rewards for each Tier, there are Nazi Zombies rewards as well. So eligible recipients are getting something special for each mode for each completed Tier."

The goal was initially set at 3 billion zombies but has since been lowered by Sledgehammer Games to something that's perhaps a bit more attainable. An in-game UI will track the zombie kills to show players how far along the community is. You can also earn double the experience in Infected and Nazi Zombies for this weekend only, so there's no better time to contribute to the goal than right now.


Sledgehammer Games also shared a list of all the rewards that players can earn with each of the five tiers detailed below.

  • Tier 1: Calling Card 'Stopping Power' and 1 Nazi Zombies Supply Drop
  • Tier 2: Weapon Charm 'Zombie Grunt' and 1 Nazi Zombies Rare Supply Drop
  • Tier 3: Tesla Gun (not in Mail, but rather there is a chance for it to spawn in when a Zombie is killed for the remainder of the event) and 1 Zombies Weapon Camo
  • Tier 4: Special Helmet 'Zombie Slayer' and 1 Zombies Weapon Camo
  • Tier 5: Weapon Charm Emblematic (This Weapon Charm will display whatever Emblem you have equipped) and 1 Zombies Weapon Camo

The Attack of the Undead challenge is live now until June 26.