Call Of Duty: WWII Getting Esports Details, New Multiplayer Map, And PC Beta Soon

We’ve got plenty of Call of Duty: WWII news making the rounds today, as we just posted a fresh [...]

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We've got plenty of Call of Duty: WWII news making the rounds today, as we just posted a fresh new look at the Headquarters mode, which will serve as a social hub for the forthcoming first-person shooter. But there's more where that came from.

Sledgehammer Games, the developer behind the forthcoming World War II-themed shooter, has confirmed that it will be hosting a special stream starting tomorrow at 11 AM PDT, likely on its official Twitch channel. During this stream, the team will showcase a new map that will be featured in the game, called Flak, and will also provide first details about the esports plans for the game, which means we could learn about the next Call of Duty World League for the first time during the stream.

That said, the team did host a stream today showcasing upcoming footage from the beta, which is set to kick off later this week for PlayStation 4, followed by Xbox One. And there's a neat new feature that was introduced during it, in the form of a new Skycam feature. With this, you can actually pinpoint your location on the map with an aerial view. A first look was posted over on Twitter by the Charlie Intel squad, and you can watch it below. It's brief, but it really gives you an idea of what the feature is all about.

And that's STILL not all. Some additional information came out over on Reddit that indicates that PC players will be getting a chance at partaking in a beta as well. Michael Condrey, the co-founder for Sledgehammer Games, confirmed as such, noting that a beta will take place. However, he didn't have any specifics on it just yet, noting that "PC beta details" will be announced "at a later date." More than likely, it could take place in October, though there's the off-chance we could see it happening sooner as well.

So that's a lot of good news on the Call of Duty front, and we'll likely have more tomorrow when Sledgehammer's live stream takes place!

Call of Duty: WWII releases on November 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.