Call of Duty: WWII Permanently Adds Prop Hunt and Gun Game

Sledgehammer Games is giving Call of Duty: WWII players what they want by adding both Gun Game and Prop Hunt to the game as permanent playable modes.

The two game modes were added to Call of Duty: WWII during The Resistance, an event that added several more features like new weapons along with the game modes. Both game modes are considerably less serious than the other game modes like Search and Destroy and ranked matches and serve as perfect breaks from the typical game modes that players will now be able to play for the foreseeable future.

Prop Hunt is the newer of the two game modes to join the list of Call of Duty's party playlist modes, but Gun Game has been around for quite a while now and has been a staple of previous games in the franchise. For that reason, it was odd to some players that Gun Game wouldn't be included in the WWII game from the beginning, but those concerns have now been fully taken care of since the game mode is back and here to stay. Other game modes, however, like Infected and Sticks and Stones, are not being added, at least not yet. That hasn't stopped players from suggesting the game mode additions though, so perhaps Sledgehammer Games will accommodate players in the future.

Gun Game is also returning with an improvement as well as part of a hotfix update. Sledgehammer Games posted news on Reddit of the hotfix that will kick players who are AFK after a certain time limit after reminding players that Gun Game and Prop Hunt would be coming back as permanent game modes.

"Along with that, comes one important change that we believe will greatly improve the experience for you Gun Gamers.


"We've adjusted the Gun Game AFK logic so that players who do not do damage for 5 minutes are kicked for inactivity."

The post also thanked players for all of their feedback on these game modes so far and encouraged everyone to go take part in the game modes now that they're available for everyone for good.