Xbox Teases Major Call of Duty Benefit for PlayStation Plus Users

Xbox has suggested PlayStation Plus users who also love Call of Duty could get a massive benefit if everything falls into place. Call of Duty is one of the biggest franchises not just in gaming, but all of entertainment. Even after 20 straight years of new Call of Duty games, the franchise has yet to falter in a significant way on a commercial level. It still tops the sales charts every year. It's one of the most reliable franchises out there and continues to grow in a massive way regularly with new spin-offs like Warzone and Call of Duty Mobile. With all of that said, it has also become the thing that is causing massive battles over whether Microsoft should be allowed to acquire Call of Duty publisher Activision.

Amidst a heated legal battle between Microsoft, Sony, and various regulators, a bunch of juicy documents have been coming out that reveal all kinds of interesting behind the scenes info. One of the newest pieces of info reveals that Microsoft plans (or at least planned) to allow Call of Duty as a game that's available day and date on PlayStation Plus. This would mean anyone with an active subscription could get the game at release at no extra cost through the service. This is exactly what Microsoft is planning for its own service, Xbox Game Pass, but apparently had some concerns with regards to this proposal, though it's unclear what those concerns were exactly. It would be the first time an Xbox-owned franchise appeared on PlayStation Plus on the same day it released, but Microsoft has put games like Minecraft on PlayStation Plus as one of the monthly free titles before.

As of right now, it remains to be seen if the deal even goes through. If it does, there's no guarantee Microsoft will put it on PlayStation Plus. Sony would have to sign off on that and that would mean having to set aside its concerns. Whether that happens is a mystery, but hopefully, everyone can benefit from this deal should it go through.

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