Canceled Tomb Raider Sequel Movie Storyboards Showcase Croft Manor Raid

Storyboards from the canceled sequel to the Tomb Raider movie have surfaced online and seem to suggest that there would've been a big set piece revolving around Lara Croft's signature home, Croft Manor. The Tomb Raider series is one of the most iconic and action-heavy franchises in gaming, which made it an easy pick for Hollywood to adapt. The series got its first set of films in the early 2000s with Angelina Jolie, both of which were critical duds, but made off with a healthy chunk of change at the box office. Years later, on the back of the rebooted and more mature trilogy that Crystal Dynamics was making in the 2010s, Hollywood gave it another go with a much better film starring Alicia Vikander. While a sequel was in development for a while, director changes and COVID got in the way of it happening. The film was officially canceled earlier this summer and now studios are in a bidding war for the rights to the series.

Details of the sequel's plot were largely kept under wraps, but now some new storyboards offer some insight into a big moment in the canceled Tomb Raider sequel. As spotted by Eurogamer, artist Jake Lunt Davies posted some storyboards that showcase some masked goons raiding Croft Manor to steal some of the valuable items Lara and presumably her family as a whole have gathered over the years. Lara throws a spear at one of the burglars, resulting in a bloody slow-motion death, and then a shootout ensues. Although it's hard to glean any story details, Rourke is named as one of the masked goons. For those that don't recall or haven't played the game, Rourke is one of the antagonists in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

It's hard to tell what this would've meant for the rest of the story, but it doesn't seem like Trinity was attempting to assassinate Lara, so much as steal something of hers. It's possible this would have led Lara to go on an adventure to get it back or something else entirely. It's highly likely we'll never know since the movie is no longer in the works.

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