Footage From Cancelled Sucker Punch Project Prophecy Leaks Online

Footage from a cancelled project by developer Sucker Punch has leaked online. In the video above, viewers can get a glimpse at what appears to be a PlayStation 4 game that was scrapped before Sucker Punch began work on Ghost of Tsushima. The footage is from a game that would have been called Prophecy. Sucker Punch has not issued a statement about the game, but it appears that the footage originated from lead art director Max Chapman's website. While Prophecy will likely never see the light of day, the footage should provide gamers with an interesting look into what might have been!

Prophecy would have taken place in a world apparently inspired by the European Renaissance era. Players would have taken on the role of the character Abel Tvorah, "the most-wanted man" in the city. In the video, Tvorah is accused of stealing, before being pursued by armed soldiers. Prophecy would have been a third-person action game, with some first-person and stealth elements for good measure.

As far as Tvorah's abilities are concerned, it seems like the combat would have revolved around swords, and the use of various types of powders. In the video, Tvorah creates explosions throwing one type of powder at his foes. He also uses a second powder that corrodes metal. Perhaps the game would have tasked players with creating different types of powders for different results, but that's entirely speculation, as further details regarding Prophecy are fairly limited. It's impossible to say what the game's story is, or even why Tvorah is on the run. Sadly, it seems that viewers might never actually know the answers to these questions.

It certainly looks like Prophecy had a lot of potential! At this time, it's impossible to know why the game was scrapped, but the reality is that the history of the video game industry is littered with cancelled games. Prophecy looks like it might have been pretty far along, but even some finished games never end up seeing the light of day; just last month, a fully complete, unreleased NES game was discovered! Perhaps one day Sucker Punch will reveal exactly what happened with Prophecy, or more assets from the game will see release.

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