New Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter Games Revealed in Massive Capcom Leak

Capcom’s fallen victim to a significant attack orchestrated by hackers who have now obtained and are releasing sensitive information like a lineup of the publisher’s planned video games. The list of games that has since leaked after the attack spans several years with huge franchises like Resident evil, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter showing up in the information. Release timeframes for those titles have similarly been leaked, but as is the case with things like this that are not yet officially announced, those releasing timings are very much subject to change.

Since the attack happened, information has started trickling out online through various forums and other platforms where people discussed the findings. Some of those details include the supposed release timeframe for Resident Evil Village which is set to be available some time in April if the leaks play out correctly. Other Resident Evil projects made appearances like a Resident Evil 4 remake which is supposed to be out some time during Q4 of the 2022 fiscal year.

Resident Evil is just one of the many franchises that was referenced in the leaked info though. A Dragon’s Dogma 2 is reportedly in development for a Q2 2022 fiscal year release. Another Monster Hunter game is reportedly in development as well, though that should be little surprise given how popular the franchise has gotten over the years. The same goes with Street Fighter with a new Street Fighter 6 reportedly releasing some time during Q3 or the 2022 fiscal year.

The leak is one of the bigger ones to happen to a company as large as Capcom in recent memory, and judging from the pace at which the information has been coming out, it’s likely not done yet. It’s unclear how much more was included in the leaks about the plans for different games over the next couple of years.


Personal information was also stolen during the hack. Capcom commented on the matter and confirmed that examples of the compromised data included personal information for customers and business partners totally approximately 350,000 items. Personal information of employees was similarly stolen along with confidential documents pertaining to sales, development of games, and other areas of business like the ones the leaks came from were also part of the attack.

Games like Resident Evil Village still do not have official release dates and pretty much every project included in the leak has not officially been announced yet, so everything there is still subject to change.