Resident Evil 4 Remake Possibly Hinted at in Cryptic New Post

Resident Evil 4 Remake may have just been hinted at in a cryptic new post from Nick Apostolides, the actor behind Leon Kennedy in 2019's remake of Resident Evil 2. Taking to Twitter this week, Apostolides shared a photo of himself adorned in motion capture gear for an unannounced project being made with "some crazy people." Unfortunately, the actor doesn't reveal any additional details but does note it's for a video game. Combine this with recent rumors of a remake of Resident Evil 4 and Apostolides obvious connection to the rumored game, and the result is speculation that this mystery project is actually the aforementioned remake.

As for the picture, it doesn't appear to reveal anything noteworthy, at least not at a quick glance. Pictured is some fairly standard motion capture gear and a fairly standard motion capture studio. That said, while the photo isn't very teasing or revealing, the caption is.

"Man does it feel good to get back to work! Safely had a blast with some crazy people on this one....can’t wait to share the project," writes Apostolides.

Of course, it's important to note that this could be for any video game. Apostolides has also worked with Dontnod Entertainment -- the makers of Life is Strange -- on multiple projects, so this could be for one of the developer's several new games in development. However, these performances didn't include any motion capture work, just voice work. Beyond this, the only other game Apostolides has worked on is Resident Evil 2 Remake, though his resume does note of an "upcoming video game," which could be Resident Evil 4 Remake, but could also something not related to the series at all.


Unfortunately, right now, all we have is speculation. That said, Resident Evil 4 Remake has been the subject of rumors dating back to last year, including many that suggested it could release in 2022. Not only does this photo line up with these rumors, but it seemingly lines up with the purported release window, but again, this is just speculation.

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