Capcom Confirms That All The Mega Man X Games Are Coming To Consoles, Including Nintendo Switch

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During today’s Mega Man live-stream, Capcom promised a lot of surprises that would be coming for fans to enjoy. And they kicked things off on the right foot, giving some love to a fun spin-off series for the Blue Bomber – Mega Man X!

During the live stream today, legendary producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, one of the members behind the Mega Man saga, confirmed that all eight of the games in the X series – from the original game that started it all through Mega Man X8 on the PlayStation 2 – will be re-released for multiple consoles. And that includes the Nintendo Switch, which means that console will finally get some Mega Man love.

Now, specific release dates weren’t given, and we don’t even know if the games will be released as a collection (like the Mega Man Legacy Collection titles), but we do know they’re coming, and that certainly beats nothing.

You can check out the tweet below to get the full skinny:

The last time Mega Man X was given any sort of re-release love was years ago, when Mega Man X Collection came out for PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. The original Mega Man X has since come out for various platforms, including Wii U Virtual Console and a spot on the SNES classic Edition, but the other games haven’t fared as well in terms of re-release. But with the next year coming, we’ll finally see them get their due.


Capcom hasn’t provided pricing on these games yet, but there’s a possibility they’ll go with some kind of fair pricing for each game, like around $7.99 to $9.99 apiece. Again, that could change if they opt to go with more of a Legacy Collection for around $30 or so, but we’re still waiting to see how the package will come about.

Keep watching the Mega Man livestream at this link to see what other announcements Capcom has lined up. Who knows, we might just have some more information about Mega Man X coming!