Surprise, 'Catherine' Is Now Available On Steam

After a crafty teaser earlier this month from Altus, Catherine has officially arrived on this [...]

After a crafty teaser earlier this month from Altus, Catherine has officially arrived on this generation with a PC port over on Steam. Even better, it's completely enhanced for the platform, including Japanese voice overs for the West for the first time ever.

Catherine is definitely a uniquely freaky game but one that has a pretty stellar narrative and challenging puzzles to solve. It stands on its own, even with its outlandish story, because of the memorable characters, outlandish progression, and unique visuals.

For more about the game now that it's also available on Steam:

"Vincent's heart is torn between two women. On one side sits Katherine, the girl who intends to wed Vincent someday. On the other, Catherine, who appeared out of nowhere. Both of them pull at his heart and soul… The story can take many paths, and the outcome of this romantic horror tale can go to unimaginable places."

Nightmarish Puzzles: Move the blocks to create a path and climb a nightmarish tower while fleeing from the monsters chasing you. The lowest levels of blocks fall as time passes. If you're not constantly moving, you'll fall with them. There's no time to waste!

The setting changes each night, rising higher and higher into the heavens. The more stages Vincent overcomes, the more complex the strategies required to progress will become.

Various obstacles impede Vincent's path. Some blocks are traps, waiting to skewer unwary climbers. Others explode, damaging everything around them. The sheep in the nightmare are desperate to survive until morning, too. They'll get in your way, mess up your blocks, or even try to shove you off. You'll need your wits and the help of strange items that can deal with the sheep, remove hazards or create new paths if you want to reach the top!

Three Different Game Modes:
  • Play through Vincent's twisting story of love, lust, and self-determination in Golden Playhouse.
  • Take on the tower's challenges for high scores, single player or local co-op, in Babel.
  • Face other players in local multiplayer to determine who is the better climber in Colosseum.

Keep in mind that this isn't the same as the Catherine: Full Body remake that's slated for next month, but it is something new that PC players can finally get in on with some neat enhancements!