Code Vein Multiplayer Details Revealed, Similar to Dark Souls' Summoning

code vein mp

The upcoming vampire RPG Code Vein already has a lot of reasons for gamers to be excited for it: the customization, the thrilling narrative, the Dark Souls-esque mechanics because of the team that is working on it. With the game set to release sometime this year, eager Bandai fans await more news on what the new title will bring. The most recent details revealed revolve around the game's multiplayer aspects.

We previously reported the beacon that players can use to summon players to their game, but now Bandai Namco has confirmed on their social media accounts that the player summons will be a huge feature in the game's multiplayer.

The fans were pretty happy about this confirmation, with many stating their relief that Bandai continues to listen to what players want. Here are some of our favourite reactions:

This follow-up from the previous reports linked up above from Gematsu regarding the distress signal is just what many fans were hoping for. The summoning in Dark Souls is a feature that is highly regarded, and it makes the optional experience more of a challenge should players participate.

According to our previous coverage:

"Different forms of communication are also available in the game’s multiplayer component that consist of custom emotes made up of various actions. Gestures, stamps, and voices are all actions that can be bundled into an emote that can be saved for future use to share tactical information and will just as likely be used to goof off when summoning another player.

Two new characters were also revealed alongside the multiplayer info, characters named Karen and Chris Silva. These characters are connected to the QUEEN Project, a part of the game’s story that consists of experiments conducted that were centered around the game’s blood-hungry characters. Blood plays a central role in Code Vein with Blood Veils used to drain enemies, enhance abilities, and using the Gifts mentioned previously."