Latest Contra: Rogue Corps Motion Comic Pays Respects to Original Contras

Contra: Rogue Corps may have a cast of new characters for longtime Contra fans to play as, but that doesn’t mean those fans have forgotten the original Contras from Konami’s franchise. Lance Bean and Bill Rizer are the two characters returning Contra players will be more familiar with, and their influence has been felt not only on the franchise itself but also on the characters in the newest game. The stars of Contra: Rogue Corps owe their alien-fighting expertise to the Lance and Bill, and the latest issue of the ongoing motion comic series based on the game pays its respects to these original heroes.

Kaiser, one of the new playable characters in Rogue Corps, narrates the latest chapter in the motion comic series seen above which was shared exclusively with The third chapter in the motion comic series starts with the last known message from Bill who confirms that the alien threat isn’t over yet despite what the pair has done to put an end to it.

Bill passed on his expertise to Kaiser to help the next group of characters take on the aliens themselves, but Bill’s now been betrayed by an unidentified person and has gone missing.

“Bill taught me everything I know about kicking alien ass,” Kaiser said in the latest motion comic over a scene of he and Bill training together. “But while he was out there risking his neck for us, someone closer to home with a very different agenda was busy betraying him. Just like when me and my team were framed for murder.”

The baton has been passed to these new characters in Contra: Rogue Corps, so it’s up to them to continue the fight against the aliens now that Bill’s nowhere to be found.

Kaiser is just one of several new characters you can play as in Konami’s new game which was released in September. There’s also Ms. Harakiri, The Gentleman, and the Hungry Beast to round out the rest of the playable cast. Each of these characters have their own unique appearances and special abilities.


This latest issue of the Contra: Rogue Corps motion comic features the talents of Emilio Lopez, Tony Washington, Will Rosado, and Jason Narvaez. You can see the second issue of the motion comic series here, and you can always find the latest episodes as they’re released through Konami’s YouTube channel.

Contra: Rogue Corps is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms