Control, Alan Wake Writer Teases Next Game

Remedy Entertainment’s Control was one of the standout releases of 2019 and was largely met with [...]

Remedy Entertainment's Control was one of the standout releases of 2019 and was largely met with critical acclaim around the globe. After releasing two pieces of DLC for the game in the months after its launch, it looks as though Remedy is now beginning to move on to its next major project.

Spotted on Twitter recently, Sam Lake, who is one of the longtime writers at Remedy and has previously worked on games like Control, Alan Wake, and Max Payne, teased that a script of the studio's next title is now done. Lake posted a picture of himself with the tweet holding a massive pile of paper, which is apparently the script in question. He also specified that this is merely a single draft of the game meaning that there will clearly still be quite a few revisions left to be had.

Despite Lake not saying anything specific about what the script might touch on, we actually do have a pretty good idea of what this next game could be. Just a few months back, Remedy said that its next title would take place in the same universe as both Control and Alan Wake. Both of these franchises crossed over in Control's second DLC pack, entitled AWE, earlier this year. This next title seems like it will continue to expand on the world and the story found in that expansion. Whether or not this mystery game is a direct sequel to either Control or Alan Wake remains to be seen, however.

In addition to the general idea of this game being known about, it also seems as though Epic Games will end up serving as the title's publisher. Epic announced a new publishing label earlier in 2020 and said that Remedy would be a studio that it will be assisting with. This collaboration will see Remedy retaining all of the rights to the game that it is working on while Epic will simply "provide a solid foundation of project funding and services."

Perhaps the only downside of this teaser from Lake is that it seems to indicate it could be quite some time until we end up seeing this next game fully revealed. Until then, be sure to keep checking us out here at to learn more in the future.

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