Critical Role Reveals Shocker About One of Campaign 3's Characters

Last night's episode of Critical Role confirmed the suspicion of many Critters when a player character revealed an ability that was hidden for weeks. [Spoilers follow for Campaign 3 and specifically last night's Episode 11] Late last year, Critical Role cast member Travis Willingham introduced his new character Chetney Pock O'Pea, a gnome character inspired by the elf toymaker Chutney that Willingham played as during a holiday one-shot several years ago. Willingham presented Chetney as a rogue, although fans quickly wondered if there was more to the character than met the eye. In last night's episode, Willingham finally revealed the truth about Chetney – the character wasn't a rogue, but rather an Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter AKA a werewolf. 

Willingham appropriately revealed Chetney's abilities in combat, transforming the gnome into a full-on walking wolf in the middle of a battle against the Nightmare King, a strange fey creature who has been pulling the strings behind a number of strange going-ons in the city of Jrusar. However, many fans realized that Willingham and DM Matt Mercer were likely hiding something about Chetney's abilities, based on the description of the character and how he behaved out of combat. For one thing, Chetney didn't have the ideal stats for a Rogue as his Strength Ability Score was a 17, while his Dexterity Ability Score was a 14. Additionally, Willingham would ask Mercer if he "smelled or heard" anything while making Perception checks, which would be unusual for a normal Rogue, but not someone with enhanced wolf senses. 

As an Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter, Chetney can transform into a hybrid wolf once per short/long rest. He not only gains enhanced unarmed strikes as a hybrid, he can also use his Crimson Rite to further fuel his abilities. On the downside, Chetney can also fall into a bloodlust when his HP dips below half-strength, which causes him to attack the nearest creature if he fails a Wisdom Saving throw, regardless if they're friend or foe. 

Good job to all the Critters who successfully sniffed out that Chetney wasn't what he initially appeared to be. New episodes of Critical Role air on Thursdays on the show's Twitch channel. VOD and podcast versions of the episode are posted the following week.