Cuphead Knockoffs are Already Infesting Other Platforms

Misleading imitators attempting to capitalize off the success of Studio MDHR’s Cuphead are [...]

Cuphead Imitator
(Photo: SNB Mobile)

Misleading imitators attempting to capitalize off the success of Studio MDHR's Cuphead are already infiltrating the Android app market.

To be clear, even when taking into account the quality gap between traditional games and those on the mobile platform, these Cuphead rip-offs don't come close to capturing what the retro shooter has to offer. Those who are keen on spotting sneaky advertising will likely pick up on that in no time at all, but the blatant copying of Cuphead's unique look may lead to some players being deceived into playing a game that's basically 20 percent gameplay and 80 percent ads.

From looking at the Android Play store, the low-effort Cuphead plagiarists that were first spotted by Destructoid are in no short supply. Games like Jump CupHead Jump! – if you can call them games – make little effort to hide their similarities, often using nearly an exact remake of the hit game's cup-headed protagonist. With descriptions of the games littered with misspellings and incoherent thoughts, it's clear that little attempt was made on most of these aside from the intention to create a game as close to Cuphead as possible.

The same developer behind Jump Cuphead Jump! even created more than one game in an attempt to benefit from the real deal's success. Another one of their titles called Gorilla VS Cuphead offers a slightly different take on the game, but ultimately still looks like a pretty disappointing attempt at the original.

Some of the games are newer and have yet to attract the attention of players who will likely drop off a negative review soon after they see what they've gotten themselves into, but others are already being hit with downloader-beware warnings.

"I thought it would actually be the game I was hoping to actually play for once, turns out you just jump over random obstacles and collect random coins for no reason," one Cuphaed Adventure (yes, they misspelled their own game) reviewer wrote. "Heck even the name of this game is spelled wrong. Cup Haed???? Really???"

Given how quickly others jump on hit games such as these, there's no reason to think that the imitations will end anytime soon, but at least many downloaders are perceptive enough to pass on the lame Cuphead attempts.