Here's What Cuphead Looks Like On A Black and White TV


Cuphead took the gaming world by storm this year, and for good reason. The challenging platformer is a love letter to old school animation, with a fun soundtrack to boot. An homage to Steamboat Willy-era cartoons, the game is nonetheless made for modern-day consoles, but curious players have found ways to bring it to life on not-so-modern screens. The most recent successful attempt was posted today on Reddit, and while several other Cuphead fans have tried on other "vintage" screens, this classic 50's TV takes the cake. Check out the full gameplay below:

Played on a restored 1953 Muntz Black and White TV, the game seems almost like a classic cartoon that you might watch on a Saturday morning, though some parts of the screen get buried in the resolution. Still, hearing those classic tunes come out of the antique and watching it in action is pretty exciting. Posted by YouTuber FILMSPHERE and later shared again on Reddit, this fun little "mod" is a great way to see how the game plays on something from the era it pays tribute to. "I used an HDMI to RCA converter box and had the RCA cables go into a VCR," they wrote in a comment on a Reddit thread. "I had bought a stand alone RCA to Coaxial cable converter, but the signal it put out was way too weak (It was designed for newer TVs). The Coax from the VCR then goes to a transformer that connects to where the rabbit ear antennas would go."

This isn't the first time a Cuphead fan has tried playing the game on an old TV. Back in October, another fan tried the game out on a Black-and-White CRT TV using their Xbox One.

Cuphead is out now for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.