'Cyberpunk 2077' Team Says 'The Witcher 3' Gave Them the Confidence Needed for New IP

The Cyberpunk 2077 team recently sat down with EDGE Magazine to talk about their upcoming RPG and how their previous successes molded their inspiration.

When featured in the November issue of the popular magazine, Producer Richard Borzymowski sat down to discuss how their previous hit franchise impacted their goals moving forward.

"It gave us a sense of safety in our own skills. Right now our environment artists are populating a level with the assets, and they are not afraid of testing out new things," he said. "This is exactly what we need to stay open to, because personally I believe that The Witcher turned out that good – and why Cyberpunk will turn out really good – because we are not afraid of change."

It was a long, hard road to be sure but they quickly found their gumption with going forward with such a complex project. The producer added, "It takes a degree of determination, for sure. From the very beginning we were saying ‘Alright, this is huge, but this is what we want to aim for.’ As producers, we’re responsible for taking this vision and verifying the capability of the team and deciding if we have to change it structure-wise, or if we have to somehow change the content of the game to make it more flexible.


"The Witcher III wasn’t less complex, but it was complex in a different way. When we were world-building you had those big open spaces, which still had to be filled out. It’s not like it was easier or cheaper to build all those beautiful forests and meadows, but it is more forgiving. If one tree is a bit more off to the right, this is exactly how forests look. But if you put a building too far apart from a different one in the middle of a city, then this can’t really work, right? You have to fill this gap in between doing other things already. And you have to push everything."

In the same issue, the Lead Cinematics Animator, Maciej Pietras, talked a bit about the overhauled animations. You can read more about the recent changes and more with our previous coverage here, as well as the latest issue of EDGE magazine when its November issue debuts.