'Dungeons & Dragons' Announces Series of Kids' Books

It's never too early to jump into the world of Dungeons & Dragons and now it's even easier for children to let their inner elf shine through. The iconic fantasy franchise has just announced two new books to the series name, one for learning ABCs and another for learning how to count! Even better, it goes perfectly with the official Dungeons & Dragons colouring book that we shared earlier this year.

"Teach the alphabet to any early reader as told imaginatively within the world of Dungeons & Dragons," boasts the book's official Amazon description. While the 1,2, 3 of D&D book focuses on learning how to count for young learners.


But young learners need to take a break from the 'hard stuff,' which makes the recently revealed colouring book the perfect addition to your child's growing D&D library. According to the colouring book's official description:

"The Dungeons & Dragons Adventures Outlined coloring book features fantastical designs and shows off classic monsters from the game as seen through the eyes of world renowned artist, Todd James. Color your way through each adventure with these delightful illustrations. This coloring book features unique designs including beholders, trolls, goblins, dragons, and more. Provides hours of creativity, fun, and relaxation."

Ready to get your creativity on? You can learn more about the colouring book that's coming soon on August 21st! It will be available for $16.95 and you can pre-order it on Amazon right now. You can also request it at your local comic book retailer as well if you want to support your local scene.

You can also order the ABC's Dungeons & Dragons book right here for $14.99, or the 123's edition here for the same price!


What do you think about the growing library for children? Are you excited for a different way to explore Dungeons & Dragons? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below and tell us what other gaming experiences you'd like to see get the child-friendly treatment!

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