Rumor: 'Dark Souls 2' Coming to Nintendo Switch

Now that we’ll finally get to “praise the sun” with the original Dark Souls Remastered on [...]

Dark Souls II

Now that we'll finally get to "praise the sun" with the original Dark Souls Remastered on Nintendo Switch this October, word has it that Bandai Namco may already be moving on to the next chapter of the series for the best-selling system.

Based on this tweet from gaming industry news and rumors guru LeakyPandy, the publisher is already hard at work on porting Dark Souls II to the Switch, possibly slated for a 2019 release.

"On other DS titles coming to NS: DS2 already being worked on," LeakyPandy said. "Work done on DS:R being used as a springboard to maximize efficiency."

However, they also noted that there's "no word on DS3," as it may be too powerful a game to bring to the system. But nothing's been finalized as of yet.

There's been a lot of talk about the trilogy of Dark Souls games being prepped for the Nintendo Switch since the compilation was recently announced for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, set to release on the same day as the Switch version of Remastered. So it doesn't surprise us that Bandai Namco is already working on the second chapter of the game, since the series is getting huge buzz right now.

Now, the publisher hasn't officially said anything as of yet, as it's no doubt pouring all its effort into Dark Souls Remastered, so that it makes its Oct. 19 release date. And more than likely, we may not even hear anything until around E3 time next year, as the company will no doubt save its best announcements for it. Besides, between this and Dragon Ball FighterZ, it already has enough Nintendo Switch hype riding into the holiday season.

So, for now, take the rumor with a grain of salt — but Dark Souls Remastered is totally happening, and with that limited edition Amiibo to boot. So you can go ahead and pre-order those with confidence and maybe prepare for what lies ahead in the next chapter of the series. Just make sure you bring your charging cable because, yeah, the tabletop version of Switch will probably run out of juice before you get through a whole session.

Dark Souls Remastered arrives on Oct. 19th for Nintendo Switch.