'Days Gone' Will Be Getting DLC

Sony Bend has confirmed that its upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone will get DLC, though what type of post-launch content it will be, hasn't been divulged.

The news comes way of Sony Bend's community manager David Lee in a recent interview with YouTube channel GamerBraves. According to Lee, once you beat the game, the DLC Sony Bend has planned will become fairly obvious.

“I think the main story will give that information to you, "said Lee when asked about whether there will be any story DLC. "We have unannounced DLC but we cannot tell you about it yet.

That said, while there is DLC in the pipeline, that doesn't mean the game's main story will cut anything or leave players hanging with no resolution.

“With the main story, it should be sufficient enough to tell you the characters’ backstories that make you care for them one way or another, ” said Lee.

As you can see, Lee doesn't outright confirm said DLC will be story DLC, but his quotes do seem to suggest that will be the case.

Past Sony Interactive Entertainment releases this generation have gone the DLC route, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn and Marvel's Spider-Man. The latter notably added to the story of the main game, while the former was more of an expansion that could be played without beating the main game. And then there is Sony releases this generation that haven't had any DLC, let alone story DLC, like Detroit: Become Human.

In other words, there's no real set in stone precedent when it comes to DLC for Sony games, so who knows what Days Gone has planned.

Days Gone is poised to release on April 26 via the PS4. For more coverage on the highly-anticipated action-adventure game, click here.

Are you looking forward to Days Gone?


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