DC Heroes United Announced by CMON

DC is getting its own version of Marvel United.

DC Comics is getting its own version of the popular Marvel United tabletop game. Today, CMON announced DC Heroes United, a new tabletop game that borrows the core mechanic and distinctive chibi-inspired aesthetic of Marvel United, but featuring the heroes of the DC universe. Characters revealed for the new game include the "trinity" of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, plus the Joker as the first revealed villain. A Gamefound crowdfunding campaign will launch this July, although a preview link is already available. Additionally, CMON released a teaser trailer for the game, which can be viewed below: 

CMON's Marvel United franchise raised over $13.6 million over the course of three Kickstarter campaigns starting in 2021, with each campaign adding additional Marvel heroes and villains to the franchise. The gameplay involves heroes and villains playing cards on the collective storyline, each of which add certain base effects that play out over multiple locations. Heroes can combine actions to "do the impossible," while the villain (which can be controlled either by the game or by a player) throws down obstacles to either trigger negative effects or deal damage to heroes. The Gamefound preview hints that coin flips will somehow factor into the gameplay of DC Heroes United, which would be a new mechanic to the franchise. 

One major question surrounding the new DC Heroes United is how the heroes will be split up into different boxed sets. CMON split the Marvel characters into three main "lines" – a general Marvel line, an X-Men line, and a "Multiverse" line, but DC heroes don't have the neat divisions like Marvel does.

CMON has been expanding its DC line-up of games in recent months, with a DCeased game in development based on its Zombicide franchise. This is the second major DC board game released by CMON, although the popularity of the superhero licenses almost ensures more games are on the way.