Dead by Daylight Players Decide Which Killer Has the Best Memento Mori Kill

Dead by Daylight’s Killers each boast unique kills that can be used under unique circumstances [...]

Dead by Daylight's Killers each boast unique kills that can be used under unique circumstances after using a Memento Mori offering. The kills signal decisive ends to a Survivor's experience in a match and typically highlight the parts of the Killers that separate them from other characters, but as you'd expect from any kind of individualized animations, some of them look better than others in-game. After pitting all of the Killers in Dead by Daylight against one another, players have decided which Killer has the best Memento Mori kill.

That Killer is Ghostface (stylized as "Ghost Face" in Dead by Daylight), a Killer who was added as a standalone character in the game's 12th Chapter. Ghostface being declared the victor was the result of a lengthy voting process conducted through the game's Twitter account where Killers were grouped up with each other and proceeded to the next round if they won enough votes. The final poll came down to Ghostface and The Trickster, the latter being the newest Killer who actually isn't even in the full game yet and has only been tested on the game's test servers. Ghostface won handedly by amassing nearly 75% of the final votes.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of seeing Ghostface's Memento Mori kill in a match, you can see the animation play out below courtesy of GrayGames. It shows Ghostface sitting on top of a face-down Survivor before stabbing them in the back repeatedly with the Killer's signature blade. The kill ends with Ghostface snapping a picture of the kill by putting a camera in front of the Survivor and lifting up their head before checking to see how the picture turned out.

As the Twitter account noted, this is the first sort of poll of this kind that's been conducted through the official social media account and is certainly one of the longer ones we've seen. There's a chance we'll see more like it in the future since it concluded with an open-ended request for feedback on this sort of community interaction.

Though Ghostface won this time, perhaps the poll would've looked a bit different had The Trickster actually been fully released. The Killer and the All-Kill Chapter he's part of are scheduled to release in just a couple of days, so people will soon be able to see The Trickster's kill first-hand.

Dead by Daylight's creators have long considered adding more Memento Mori kills for the Killers, so perhaps we'll one day see different animations and kills added to the characters' arsenals.