Dead by Daylight Updates Chapter 19 Killer The Trickster

Dead by Daylight’s new All-Kill Chapter starring the K-pop sensation known as “The [...]

Dead by Daylight's new All-Kill Chapter starring the K-pop sensation known as "The Trickster" hasn't been released yet, but when it does leave the test servers for its debut, its content will look a bit different than it does now. Behaviour Interactive confirmed this week that it plans on updating its Killer's special power as well as some perks based on feedback and experiences shared while the Chapter has been on the PTB servers for testing.

The Trickster's climactic power called "Main Event" is sticking around, but it'll work slightly different compared to its current effects. Ammo will no longer decrease while using it, and the power's effect will cause the blades to be thrown automatically. The blades also can ricochet more than once to give players a shot at landing some blades even if they aren't right on target.

A number of perks related to the new Chapter have also been updated. You can find all of the changes listed below courtesy of the PTB patch notes shared in the thread that starts above.

The Trickster

  • Main Event automatically throws blades when activated and can be cancelled early
  • Microphone During Main Event, your ammo no longer decreases
  • Person bouncing ball Trick Blades no longer deal bonus Laceration, but instead award bonus Bloodpoints and ricochet twice instead of once
  • Improved feedback on Main Event cooldown
  • Eyeglasses Improved visibility of Laceration meter on Survivor portraits
  • Hammer and wrench Various bug fixes


  • Smash Hit: Duration increased to 4 seconds
  • Flexed biceps Self Preservation: Now also hides Pools of Blood & Grunts of Pain
  • Starstruck: Exposed effect now refreshes any time the Survivor enters your Terror Radius, and the effect persists for 26/28/30 seconds after leaving it. Cooldown reduced to 60 seconds
  • Flexed biceps No Way Out: Now has a base time of 10 seconds, +4/6/8 seconds for each token

The new Chapter doesn't yet have a release date, but considering how it's been on the PTB for nearly two weeks now, it won't be long before we get a release date announcement and the Chapter itself added to the live game.