Dead by Daylight Sets Release Date for All-Kill Chapter

Dead by Daylight’s next Chapter called All-Kill has been on the test servers for a bit longer [...]

Dead by Daylight's next Chapter called All-Kill has been on the test servers for a bit longer than usual, but its release date isn't far away now. Behaviour Interactive announced this week with a new Chapter trailer that the game's next expansion will be released on March 30th. It'll come with a new Killer known as "The Trickster" and the Survivor named Yun-Jin Lee along with their unique perks and The Trickster's knife-throwing power.

The brief teaser for the game's next Chapter was shared on social media and can be found below. It doesn't show anything new compared to what we've seen already from past previews and extensive testing on the test servers, but it does confirm the highly anticipated release date for the new Chapter that'll be playable by the end of the month.

As players will have seen if they've been keeping up with these previews or have tested her out on the test servers already, Yun-Jin Lee's perks are largely centered around self-preservation with one of her perks itself even called "Self-Preservation." That perk removes scratch marks, pained grunts, and blood pools temporarily after a nearby Survivor is hit. Another perk, Fast Track, grants tokens when other Survivors are hooked which increase progression bonuses after completing Great Skill Checks, and the final perk, Smash Hit, grants a speed boost after stunning a Killer with a pallet.

The Trickster has three perks himself which can be taught to other Killers once he's been leveled up enough. Starstruck exposes nearby Survivors while you're carrying a Survivor yourself, Hex: Crowd Control blocks windows after Survivors perform rushed vaults through them, and No Way Out blocks exit gates after they're opened based on how many tokens The Trickster earns by hooking Survivors.

More interesting than his perks, however, is The Trickster's unique power called "Showstopper." This power makes The Trickster another ranged Killer who can throw blades with the normal attack button and can throw a flurry of blades by holding the button. These blades fill up a Survivor's Laceration Meter which lowers them a health state when filled. His special attack called "Main Event" can be triggered once his Event Meter is filled by successful blade hits. That special attack his since been updated so that it automatically throws unlimited blades without any movement speed penalties until the ability ends.

Dead by Daylight: All-Kill will be released on March 30th.