Dead by Daylight Disables Core Killer Mechanic for Weekend Test

Behaviour Interactive is running an interesting Dead by Daylight test this weekend by disabling one of the core mechanics Killer players have gotten very used to. That mechanic is Bloodlust, and from November 20th to November 23rd, it'll be completely disabled from the live version of the game, not just the test servers. The change will affect every platform, consoles included, and is an experiment designed "purely to gather data," Behaviour Interactive said.

The developer announced the plans for the limited-time test this week ahead of the time that Bloodlust was disabled. It's now turned off in Dead by Daylight if you want to see how the game feels without the mechanic whether as a Killer chasing down Survivors or a Survivor fleeing from the Killers.

For those who've gotten so used to Bloodlust that you may not even remember what it does, it's one of the key mechanics at the disposal of Killers that lets them close the distance on Survivors. When chasing a Survivor, Bloodlust is automatically activated to speed up Killers after staying within a set distance of their prey and maintaining line of sight on them. The longer you keep up the chase, the faster you move up to a cap on the mechanic. A subtle animation will alert you when you've entered a new tier of Bloodlust and are moving quicker, but doing things like successfully hitting a Survivor or smashing a pallet will cause you to lose your Bloodlust.

In an explanation for why Bloodlust is being temporarily disabled, Behaviour Interactive noted that Dead by Daylight has changed a lot since the mechanic was first added. Pallet and window loops Survivors could previously utilize have become less common now, and with those tools gone while Bloodlust remains, the Dead by Daylight team said "many believe it's no longer necessary."

"In order to better understand the effect Bloodlust has on the game in 2020, we will be disabling the mechanic on PC & consoles for the course of this weekend," Behaviour Interactive said. "This will allow us to gather feedback and data on Bloodlust and see what kind of effect it has on matches in a real-world scenario."


Bloodlust will be enabled again on November 23rd at 11 a.m. EST, so Killers won't be without it for too long. Behaviour Interactive stressed that nothing is set in stone regarding future Bloodlust changes right now, so don't expect to see any dramatic changes in the immediate future.